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SHAREATE TOOLS LTD. was registered in Suzhou Industrial Park on August, 2005. It is an international manufacturing service company focusing on mining drilling tools and mining services, cemented carbide products. It integrates R&D,manufacturing, sales and services. The company holds shares in “Wuhan Shareate carbideTools Ltd”. , “Qianjiang Shareate Cemented Carbide Tools Ltd.”, “Australian-Shareate”,“Australian-AMS”, “American-AMS”, “TIMA (Suzhou) Precision Tools Ltd”, andother branches and subsidiaries.

SHAREATE has passed the double certification of API and ISO 9001 quality management systemin 2008. The company officially landed on the new third board (an over-the counter market for growth enterprises) in December 2015, with the stock code 834859. SHAREATE is mainly engaged in the research and development, production,sale of mining drilling tools and cemented carbide products. Cemented carbide products mainly include rock drilling tool carbide, cutting tool carbide,wear-resistant parts and other cemented carbide products. Drilling tools mainly include Tri-cone bits, DTH hammer, DTH bits, Single cone bit, raise bore roller cutter etc, for mining, water well, oil and gas, construction drilling industrial.

As intermediate and consumable material in industrial production, cemented carbideis widely used in mining, oil drilling, engineering machinery, metal cutting machine tools, automobile manufacturing, aerospace and military industries. It is known as the "teeth of industry". Rock drilling tools are one of the important application fields of cemented carbide. Through the two-wheel drive of technological innovation and new product development, SHAREATE focuseson high-end cemented carbide products and continuously develops high-quality rock drilling tools suitable for a variety of geological structures.

After many years of  technological accumulation and innovation development, SHAREATEhas 62 grades and more than 20,000 specifications of cemented carbide products. At the same time, SHAREATE’s rock drilling tools has been widely recognized in the domestic and oversea markets. our products are exported to Australia, the United States, Canada, South America, Russia, South Korea and other countries,our Tri-cone bit brand "Shareate" have entered the global mining companies such as BHP, Rio Tinto, VALE, CODELCO, Anglo American, Barrick ect. We provide related supporting products and services for customers to improve the company's comprehensive competitiveness.

Adhering to the enterprise purpose of "Sharing Achievements by Creating Together",SHAREATE are always persisting in taking technological innovation as the inexhaustible driving force, product innovation as the competitive advantage,and strive to achieve value-added for customers, create opportunities for employees, contribute to society, achieve sustained, rapid and efficientdevelopment, and strive to grow into the field of cemented carbide and rock drilling tools international manufacturing service provider.

Suzhou Shareate Trade Co. Ltd
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